Study of the energy flow in sulphur-and oxygen-nucleus collisions at 60 and 200 GeV/nucleon

J. Bächler, J. Bartke, H. Bialkowska, R. Bock, R. Brockmann, P. Buncic, S. I. Chase, I. Derado, V. Eckardt, J. Eschke, C. Favuzzi, D. Ferenc, B. Fleischmann, P. Foka, M. Fuchs, M. Gazdzicki, H. J. Gebauer, E. Gladysz, C. Guerra, J. W. HarrisW. Heck, M. Hoffmann, T. Humanic, S. Kabana, K. Kadija, A. Karabarbounis, R. Keidel, J. Kosiec, M. Kowalski, A. Kühmichel, M. Lahanas, J. Y. Lee, M. LeVine, A. Ljubicic, S. Margetis, E. Nappi, G. Odyniec, G. Paic, A. D. Panagiotou, A. Petridis, J. Pfennig, A. Piper, F. Posa, H. G. Pugh, F. Pühlhofer, G. Rai, W. Rauch, R. Renfordt, D. Röhrich, G. Roland, H. Rothard, K. Runge, A. Sandoval, E. Schmidt, N. Schmitz, E. Schmoetten, I. Schneider, L. S. Schroeder, P. Seyboth, J. Seyerlein, E. Skrzypczak, P. Spinelli, R. Stock, H. Ströbele, L. Teitelbaum, A. Thomas, M. Tincknell, S. Tonse, G. Vasileiadis, G. Vesztergombi, D. Vranic, S. Wenig

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We report on a systematic study of midrapidity transverse energy production and forward energy flow in interactions of16O and32S projectiles with S, Cu, Ag and Au targets at 60 and 200 GeV/nucleon. The variation of the shape of the ET distributions with target and projectile mass can be understood from collision geometry. Average ET values determined for central collisions show an increasing stopping power for heavier target nuclei. A higher relative stopping is observed at 60 GeV/nucleon than at 200 GeV/nucleon. Bjorken estimates of the energy density reach approximately 3 GeV/fm3 in high ET events at 200 GeV/nucleon with16O and32S projectiles. The systematics of the data and the shapes of ET and pseudorapidity distributions are well described by the Lund model Fritiof.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)239-263
Number of pages25
JournalZeitschrift für Physik C Particles and Fields
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Jun 1 1991


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Bächler, J., Bartke, J., Bialkowska, H., Bock, R., Brockmann, R., Buncic, P., Chase, S. I., Derado, I., Eckardt, V., Eschke, J., Favuzzi, C., Ferenc, D., Fleischmann, B., Foka, P., Fuchs, M., Gazdzicki, M., Gebauer, H. J., Gladysz, E., Guerra, C., ... Wenig, S. (1991). Study of the energy flow in sulphur-and oxygen-nucleus collisions at 60 and 200 GeV/nucleon. Zeitschrift für Physik C Particles and Fields, 52(2), 239-263.