Studies on the conversions of diols and cyclic ethers-491 1 Part 48 in this series: Á. Molnár and M. Bartók, Helv. Chim. Acta submitted for publication. Stereochemistry of cyclodehydration of 1,4-diols on the action of brönsted and lewis acids: a comprehensive study

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The stereochemistry of the cyclodehydration of (±)- and meso-2,5-hexanediol on the action of various dehydrating agents was investigated. The earlier assumed and confirmed intramolecular SN2 mechanism for acid-catalysed ring-closure was found to hold in most cases. Various extents of racemisation can be observed on the action of certain Lewis acids, and the solvents concentrated H2SO4 and HMPT (hexamethyl phosporic acid triamide) under previously unexamined reaction conditions.

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