Structures of Po201 and Rn205 from EC/β+-decay studies

A. Y. Deo, Zs Podolyák, P. M. Walker, A. Algora, B. Rubio, J. Agramunt, L. M. Fraile, N. Al-Dahan, N. Alkhomashi, J. A. Briz, E. Estevez, G. Farrelly, W. Gelletly, A. Herlert, U. Köster, A. Maira, S. Singla

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Several low-lying excited states in 86205Rn119 and 84201Po117 were identified for the first time following EC/β+ decay of Fr205 and At201, respectively, using γ-ray and conversion electron spectroscopy at the CERN isotope separator on-line (ISOLDE) facility. The EC/β+ branch from Fr205 was measured to be 1.5(2)%. The excited states of the daughter nuclei are understood in terms of the odd nucleon coupling to the neighboring even-even core. The neutron single-particle energies of the p3/2 orbital relative to the f5/2 ground state in Rn205, and the f5/2 orbital relative to the p3/2 ground state in Po201, were determined to be 31.4(2) and 5.7(3) keV, respectively. We tentatively identify a 132+ isomeric level at 657.1(5) keV in Rn205. The systematic behavior of the 132+ and 32- levels is also discussed.

Original languageEnglish
Article number024322
JournalPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Feb 24 2010


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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics

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Deo, A. Y., Podolyák, Z., Walker, P. M., Algora, A., Rubio, B., Agramunt, J., Fraile, L. M., Al-Dahan, N., Alkhomashi, N., Briz, J. A., Estevez, E., Farrelly, G., Gelletly, W., Herlert, A., Köster, U., Maira, A., & Singla, S. (2010). Structures of Po201 and Rn205 from EC/β+-decay studies. Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics, 81(2), [024322].