Structure-retention relationships in the gas chromatography of N,N- dialkylhydrazones

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N,N-Dialkylhydrazones [DAHs; R1R2C = 1N-2N(R3)2] were prepared and their Kovats retention indices determined on 100% dimethylpolysiloxane (HP- 1) and 5% diphenyl and 95% dimethylpolysiloxane (HP-5) stationary phases. The physico-chemical and retention behaviour of the DAHs depend greatly on whether R2 = H or an alkyl group. A similar difference is observed in the alkane and oxo homomorphic factors of DAHs formed from aldehydes or ketones. The difference is explained on the basis of NMR and quantum-chemical results by intramolecular interactions between R2 and the lone pair of the 2N atom. A single linear equation is suitable for prediction of retention indices if parameters are introduced representing resonance structure (bond angle and electron density) besides I(oxo) or the van der Waals' surface.

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  • Dialkylhydrazones
  • Gas chromatography
  • Kovats retention indices
  • Structure- retention relationships

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