Structure of high-spin states in 100Pd

G. E. Perez, D. Sohler, A. Algoraa, Zs Dombrádi, B. M. Nyakó, J. Timár, L. Zolnai, R. Wyss, J. Cederkäll, A. Johnson, A. Kerek, W. Klamra, L. O. Norlin, M. Lipoglavšek, C. Fahlander, A. Likar, M. Palacz, A. Atac, J. Nybergf, J. PerssonA. Gizon, J. Gizon, A. J. Boston, E. S. Paul, H. Grawe, R. Schubart, D. T. Joss, S. Juutinen, E. Mäkelä, J. Kownacki, M. De Poli, P. Bednarczyk, G. De Angelis, D. Seweryniak, D. Foltescu, H. A. Roth, Ö Skeppstedt, D. Jerrestam, T. Shizuma, G. Sletten, S. Törmänen

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High-spin states of the neutron deficient 100Pd nucleus have been investigated via the 50Cr(58Ni, 4pα) and 70Zn(36S,6n) heavy-ion induced reactions. For the detection of evaporated particles and y rays the NORDBALL array equipped with ancillary detectors and the EUROGAM II detector system were utilized. By the use of in-beam spectroscopic methods 89 transitions belonging to Pd have been observed, 49 of which were identified for the first time. The level scheme has been extended up to Ex ≈ 16 MeV excitation energy and I ≈ 25ℏ. The experimental results were compared with the predictions of cranked shell model calculations. Maximal spin alignments were found in the (πg9/2)-412+(vd5/2, g37/2h11/2)13- and (πg-39/2P1/2)11-(vd 5/2, g3;7/2h11/2)13- configurations. Possible existence of octupole correlations is discussed on the basis of B(E1)/B(E2) values deduced for the decays of high-spin levels in the yrast negative-parity band.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)41-63
Number of pages23
JournalNuclear Physics A
Issue number1-4
Publication statusPublished - Apr 9 2001


  • Nordball and Eurogam II γ-ray spectrometers
  • Nuclear structures: Cr(Ni,4pα) and Zn(S,6n) reactions

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics

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    Perez, G. E., Sohler, D., Algoraa, A., Dombrádi, Z., Nyakó, B. M., Timár, J., Zolnai, L., Wyss, R., Cederkäll, J., Johnson, A., Kerek, A., Klamra, W., Norlin, L. O., Lipoglavšek, M., Fahlander, C., Likar, A., Palacz, M., Atac, A., Nybergf, J., ... Törmänen, S. (2001). Structure of high-spin states in 100Pd. Nuclear Physics A, 686(1-4), 41-63.