Structure and stability of C60Xy clathrates

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A series of novel single crystalline C60Xy clathrates were prepared with various guest materials by crystallization from organic solvent-precipitant systems. Four different stoichiometric compositions (y = 1, 3 4, 2 3 and 1 2) were found. The stability of the clathrates was studied by thermoanalytical methods. The crystal structures were determined by X-ray diffraction. Based on the stoichiometry and structure, the clathrates are classified as members of two related homologous series with compositions of (C60)m+2X3 and (C60)n+1X2. The first observations of birefringence and phase transitions corresponding to orientational ordering are demonstrated.

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JournalSynthetic Metals
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Publication statusPublished - Apr 5 1993


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