Stochastic interpretation of the asymmetry of enantiomeric distribution observed in the absolute asymmetric Soai reaction

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The asymmetry of the experimentally observed distribution of enantiomeric excesses in the Soai reaction [Kawasaki, T.; Suzuki, K.; Shimizu, M.; Ishikawa, K.; Soai, K. Chirality 2006, 18, 479-482] is interpreted in this work using the continuous time discrete state stochastic kinetic approach assuming the presence of minor amounts of a chiral initiator at the beginning of the reaction. Schemes with first order and second order enantioselective autocatalysis are considered with the latter giving a better interpretation of the published results. For the number of initiator molecules, Poisson and geometric distributions are considered and give equally good fits. It is shown that the macroscopically observed asymmetry of the distribution of enantiomeric excesses could be the consequence of a few molecules acting as asymmetric inductors.

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