Stereochemical studies‐XIV: Cyclic amino alcohols and related compounds‐VII

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1,3‐Tetrahydro‐oxazine‐2‐ones were prepared by the reaction of cis‐ and trans‐2‐hydroxymethylcyclohexylamine, as well as cis‐ and trans‐2‐aminomethylcyclohexanol with carbamide. Their structure and stereochemical purity were proved by IR and NMR investigations. With the help of the NMR spectra the conformation of these compounds was established. The trans isomers exist in stable chair‐chair conformation. Two chair‐chair conformations are possible in the case of the cis isomers; one in which the heteroatom and the methylene group of the heteroring are axial and equatorial, respectively and the second in which their positions are reversed. It was proved that the cis isomers are conformationally homogeneous, having the hetero atom in axial position.

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JournalOrganic Magnetic Resonance
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