Status and promise of particle interferometry in heavy-ion collisions

Selemon Bekele, Fabio Braghin, Zbigniew Chajȩcki, Paul Chung, John G. Cramer, Tamás Csörgo, Hans Eggers, Sean Gavin, Frédérique Grassi, Yogiro Hama, Adam Kisiel, Che Ming Ko, Tomoi Koide, Gastão Krein, Roy Lacey, Richard Lednický, Michael A. Lisa, Wesley Metzger, Dariusz Miśkowiec, Kenji MoritaSandra S. Padula, Scott Pratt, Wei Liang Qian, Vladislav Šimak, Yuri Sinyukov, Michal Šumbera, Bernardo M. Tavares, Giuseppe Verde, Detlef Zschiesche

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After five years of running at RHIC, and on the eve of the LHC heavy-ion program, we highlight the status of femtoscopic measurements. We emphasize the role interferometry plays in addressing fundamental questions about the state of matter created in such collisions, and present an enumerated list of measurements, analyses and calculations that are needed to advance the field in the coming years.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)xxxi-xxxix
JournalBrazilian Journal of Physics
Issue number3 A
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2007



  • Particle-antiparticle correlations
  • Theoretical and experimental femtoscopy
  • Theoretical and experimental identical-particle correlations

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  • Physics and Astronomy(all)

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Bekele, S., Braghin, F., Chajȩcki, Z., Chung, P., Cramer, J. G., Csörgo, T., Eggers, H., Gavin, S., Grassi, F., Hama, Y., Kisiel, A., Ko, C. M., Koide, T., Krein, G., Lacey, R., Lednický, R., Lisa, M. A., Metzger, W., Miśkowiec, D., ... Zschiesche, D. (2007). Status and promise of particle interferometry in heavy-ion collisions. Brazilian Journal of Physics, 37(3 A), xxxi-xxxix.