Statistische Zusammenhange zwischen elektrischer Leitfahigkeitsverteilung und Bruchtektonik in Transdanubien (Westungarn).

Translated title of the contribution: ( Statistical connections between the distribution of electrical conductivity and fracture tectonics in Transdanubien, Western Hungary).

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The paper discusses the distribution of electrical conductivity in fracture zones. In particular deals with the conductive anomaly in Transdanubien. First, using statistical methods, the author examines the magneto-tellurian sounding curves which produce distortionless information, in the most changeable geological and topographical conditions. He ascertains that the sq root min curves produce the most likely parameters for zones with good conductivity. This property, along with the connection between the anisotropy of the distribution of conductivity and the linear tectonics of the region, invites the conclusion that the Transdanubien conductive anomaly is connected with the fracture systems which originated during the Alpine mountain formation cycle.-P.Cooke

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Pages (from-to)97-113
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JournalActa Geodaetica, Geophysica et Montanistica
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1981


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