Solid-state effects on the satellite structure of KLL Auger spectra in Cu and Ni

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Discrete variational (DV) Xα cluster molecular orbital calculations were performed for describing the energy of the Cu and Ni KLL Auger satellite lines reported recently. The results of the molecular orbital cluster approximation are in good agreement with the experimental data, thus confirming the validity of the spectator vacancy model assumed earlier. It is also shown that, in the case of Ni, accounting for screening effects of free electrons in the metal is necessary and results in good agreement with the satellite-KL2L3(1D2) energy separation determined experimentally.

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JournalSurface and Interface Analysis
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Event8th European Conference on Applications of Surface and Interface Analisys, ECASIA 99 - Sevilla, Spain
Duration: Oct 4 1999Oct 8 1999


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