Solar-type stars in Cepheus OB 2: Hα emission stars and IRAS point sources

M. Kun, L. Pásztor

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A survey for emission line stars was carried out in 1980 with the Schmidt telescope of Konkoly Observatory in the region of IC 1396 (Kun, 1986a, hereafter referred to as Paper I). This work was aimed at a preliminary mapping of the probable medium mass members of the association Cepheus OB 2. The stars of the region have been followed since then with the same telescope in order to obtain a more complete view on the stellar content of this giant star-forming region. The common variability of the Hα emission strength makes the sense of repeating such surveys. The new survey resulted in the discovery of 65 further emission stars. Equatorial coordinates and finding charts are given for them. Photographic BVRI photometry was carried out for all known emission stars of the field. The colourmagnitude and two-colour diagrams derived from the B, V, R, and I magnitudes show that these stars are probably F-G-type (1.5 M<M<3 M), partly pre-Main-Sequence members of Cep OB 2, whereas a few of them may be distant red giants. The youngest objects of the region can be found among the IRAS point sources. Their properties are discussed on the basis of IRAS data alone.

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JournalAstrophysics and Space Science
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Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 1990

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