Software development for the simultaneous control of ten intelligent overview video cameras at W7-X

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In the past few years a ten channel video diagnostics system was developed, built and installed for Wendestein 7-X stellarator (W7-X). The system is based on EDICAM (Event Detection and Intelligent Camera) CMOS cameras (400 fps @ 1.3 Mpixel). In the first W7-X experimental campaign (OP1.1) the video diagnostic system was not integrated into the central control and data acquisition system of W7-X, therefore the development of a user friendly interface was necessary to fulfill the following complex requirements: manage the configuration of all cameras (each with four independent region of interests), the measurement cycle and the real-time storage of the collected data to SSDs, and it has to provide a live video stream of all the ten cameras in the control room. The full bandwidth movie stream yields a data rate of approximately 1GB/s for a single camera, therefore downsampled data was used for the live view. The software also has to cope with the huge amount of data when W7-X will operate for up-to 30 min. The software package is organized into two stand-alone pieces: VIDACS (Video Diagnostics Data Acquisition and Control Software) being the user interface and EDIDAQ (EDICAM Data Acquisition Software) controlling the individual EDICAMs. This paper will present the detailed design, implementation, testing and the first operation experiences of this software package.

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  • Event detection intelligent camera
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