Single umbilical artery in fetopathological investigations

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Single umbilical artery (SUA) is a relatively common malformation that may call attention to the possibility of associated malformations (often chromosome aberrations). The current study aimed at surveying malformations associated with SUA on the basis of fetopathological investigations, analyzing the role of history, summarizing the clinically important factors emerging together with this malformation. In this study, we processed the details of 204 cases in which SUA was confirmed fetopathologically after miscarriage or induced abortion between 1990 and 2007. In our sample, SUA occurred in 7.38% of the cases. The history was positive in almost 30% of the cases. The majority of the cases had a positive obstetric and the minority of them a positive genetic history. The highest association of SUA with other malformations was found for craniospinal ones, but an association with cardiovascular malformations should also be mentioned. Regarding the individual types of malformation, SUA was most commonly associated with hydrocephalus, but Potter's sequence, trisomy 21, and atrioventricular septal defect also reached a higher rate in associated SUA. Previously published articles dealing with associated malformations found that urogenital malformations were most commonly associated with SUA. 'Itemizing' the different non-chromosomal malformations in association with SUA, we found that hydrocephalus, Potter's sequence, and atrioventricular septal defect were the most frequent malformations, while in earlier studies, the association with non-chromosomal malformations such as vertebral malformations, imperforated anus, cheilognathopalatoschisis, and renal agenesis occurred more frequently than usual.

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  • Associated malformations
  • Chromosome aberration
  • Fetopathological examination
  • Karyotyping
  • Single umbilical artery (SUA)

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