A myeloma multiplex bortezomibalapú kezelése: Hazai tapasztalatok az elso 60 beteg adatainak tükrében

Translated title of the contribution: Single-site experience with bortezomib-based therapy of multiple myeloma: Treatment results of 60 patients

Mikala Gábor, Bátai Árpád, Ceglédi Andrea, Csukly Zoltán, Dolgos János, Halm Gabriella, Jánosi Judit, Kapás Balázs, Lovas Nóra, Lueff Sándor, Peto Mónika, Reményi Péter, Sipos Andrea, Tóth Zsuzsanna, Masszi Tamás

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Bortezomib, a first-in-its-class proteasome-inhibitor drug was registered in 2004 for the salvage treatment of relapsed and/or refractory multiple myeloma. We have been using this drug in our department for the treatment of myeloma patients since 2005. PATIENTS AND METHODS - In this retrospective study, treatment results (response rate, response duration, survival) as well as the complications and side effects were analysed based on 60 myeloma patients treated over a period of 18 months. The patients received at least one full cycle of non-first-line bortezomib-based (predominantly combinational) therapy. RESULTS - At least minimal laboratory and/or clinical response was observed in 47 of the 56 patients who could be analysed. Clinically meaningful (at least partial remission) response was seen in 41 of 56 patients. Immune-fixation negative complete remission was achieved in six patients. Median progression-free survival of our patient population was 13 months (10.8-14.8 months, n=49, adjusted for patients lost in the first 6 weeks and for those with less than 6 weeks of follow-up). As for overall survival, the median has not been reached, while treated patients had an 80.3% probability of survival at one year. CONCLUSIONS - Based on the treatment results of 60 myeloma patients, bortezomib-based therapy is clearly effective in relapsed and/or refractory myeloma.

Original languageHungarian
Pages (from-to)26-34
Number of pages9
JournalLege Artis Medicinae
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2007


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Gábor, M., Árpád, B., Andrea, C., Zoltán, C., János, D., Gabriella, H., Judit, J., Balázs, K., Nóra, L., Sándor, L., Mónika, P., Péter, R., Andrea, S., Zsuzsanna, T., & Tamás, M. (2007). A myeloma multiplex bortezomibalapú kezelése: Hazai tapasztalatok az elso 60 beteg adatainak tükrében. Lege Artis Medicinae, 17(1), 26-34.