Single-polymer composites (SPCs): Status and future trends

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Preparation, properties and applications of single-polymer composites (SPCs), representing an emerging family within the polymeric composite materials, have been surveyed. SPCs were classified in respect to their composition (one- and two-constituents), and preforms (non-consolidated and consolidated). SPCs composed of amorphous or semicrystalline matrices and semicrystalline reinforcements were considered. Methods to widen the temperature difference between the matrix- and reinforcement-giving materials of the same polymer (one-constituent) or same polymer type (two-constituent approach) have been introduced and discussed. Special attention was paid to the unsolved questions related to the interface/interphase in SPCs. It was emphasized that the development of SPCs is fuelled by the need of engineering parts in different applications which have low density and "ultimate" recyclability (i.e. reprocessing via remelting). Recent development of SPCs is supported by novel preform preparation, consolidation and production possibilities.

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  • A. Polymer-matrix composites (PMCs)
  • A. Recycling
  • A. Textile composites
  • Single polymer composites

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