Single-particle behavior at N=126: Isomeric decays in neutron-rich Pt204

S. J. Steer, Zs Podolyák, S. Pietri, M. Górska, P. H. Regan, D. Rudolph, E. Werner-Malento, A. B. Garnsworthy, R. Hoischen, J. Gerl, H. J. Wollersheim, K. H. Maier, H. Grawe, F. Becker, P. Bednarczyk, L. Cáceres, P. Doornenbal, H. Geissel, J. Grȩbosz, A. KelicI. Kojouharov, N. Kurz, F. Montes, W. Prokopowicz, T. Saito, H. Schaffner, S. Tashenov, A. Heinz, M. Pfützner, T. Kurtukian-Nieto, G. Benzoni, A. Jungclaus, D. L. Balabanski, C. Brandau, B. A. Brown, A. M. Bruce, W. N. Catford, I. J. Cullen, Zs Dombrádi, M. E. Estevez, W. Gelletly, G. Ilie, J. Jolie, G. A. Jones, M. Kmiecik, F. G. Kondev, R. Krücken, S. Lalkovski, Z. Liu, A. Maj, S. Myalski, S. Schwertel, T. Shizuma, P. M. Walker, O. Wieland

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The four proton-hole nucleus Pt204 was populated in the fragmentation of an E/A=1 GeV Pb208 beam. The yrast structure of Pt204 has been observed up to angular momentum I=10 by detecting delayed γ-ray transitions originating from metastable states. These long-lived excited states have been identified to have spin-parities of Iπ=(10+), (7-), and (5-) and half-lives of T1/2=146(14)ns, 55(3)μs, and 5.5(7)μs, respectively. The structure of the magic N=126 Pt204 nucleus is discussed and understood in terms of the spherical shell model. The data suggest a revision of the two-body interaction for N=126, Z<82, which determines the evolution of nuclear structure toward the r-process waiting point nuclei.

Original languageEnglish
Article number061302
JournalPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 2008


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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics

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Steer, S. J., Podolyák, Z., Pietri, S., Górska, M., Regan, P. H., Rudolph, D., Werner-Malento, E., Garnsworthy, A. B., Hoischen, R., Gerl, J., Wollersheim, H. J., Maier, K. H., Grawe, H., Becker, F., Bednarczyk, P., Cáceres, L., Doornenbal, P., Geissel, H., Grȩbosz, J., ... Wieland, O. (2008). Single-particle behavior at N=126: Isomeric decays in neutron-rich Pt204. Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics, 78(6), [061302].