Simple reconstructive method in cases of duodenum-preserving subtotal resection of the head of pancreas

P. Sapy, P. Arkosy, M. Szappanos

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BACKGROUND/AIMS: Surgical treatment of chronic pancreatitis is either by ductal decompression, or resection of the pancreas. Among various resection operations the duodenum preserving resection of the head of pancreas is the newest surgical technique. This paper describes substances of our modified reconstructive method following resection of the pancreatic head, and the results of this procedure. METHODOLOGY: Duodenum preserving resection of the head of pancreas with a simple modified reconstruction was performed in 21 patients with chronic pancreatitis. Early and late results are herein evaluated. RESULTS: There was no mortality. The rate of complication was 28.5%. Considering late results, complete pain relief was achieved in 80% of patients. Body weight was unchanged in 50%, decreased in 15% and gained in 35% of patients. Progression of endocrine dysfunction (rate of diabetes mellitus and glucose tolerance impairment) was observed to a small degree two years (average follow-up) after the operation. CONCLUSION: Our procedure can be applied in the treatment of chronic pancreatitis, with low risk and relatively good late results.

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Publication statusPublished - Nov 23 1998



  • Chronic pancreatitis
  • Pancreatic head resection
  • Reconstruction

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