Silica-scaled chrysophytes from permanent and temporary waters of Hortobagy, eastern Hungary

Leontin Stefan Péterfi, Laura Momeu, Judit Padisák, Viktoria Varga

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The silica-scaled flagellate flora of permanent (reservoirs, fishponds) and temporary (roadside Caricetum) waters of the Hortobagy National Park, eastern Hungary, was studied based on materials collected in summer 1995 and spring 1996. Altogether, twenty-six taxa were identified in TEM studies: two belong to Chrysophyceae (Chrysosphaerella brevispina, Paraphysomonas vestita) and twenty-four to the Synurophyceae of which eighteen Mallomonas (M. acaroides, M. akrokomos, M. alpina, M. annulata, M. areolata, M. calceolus, M. caudata, M. corymbosa, M. crassisquama, M. cyathellata, M. elongata, M. heterospina, M. intermedia, M. paxillata, M. portae-ferreae, M. punctifera, M. teilingii and M. tonsurata) and six Synura (S. curtispina, S. petersenii var. petersenii, S. petersenii var. glabra, S. spinosa, S. splendida and S. uvella).

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)339-351
Number of pages13
Publication statusPublished - 1998


  • Chrysophyceae
  • Distribution
  • Silica scales
  • Synurophyceae

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