Severe coagulation factor V deficiency caused by 2 novel frameshift mutations: 2952delT in exon 13 and 5493insG in exon 16 of factor 5 gene

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A male infant with severe bleeding tendency had undetectable factor V activity. Sequence analysis of the proband's DNA revealed one base deletion in exon 13 (2952delT) and one base insertion in exon 16 (5493insG) in heterozygous form. Both mutations introduced a frameshift and a premature stop at codons 930 and 1776, respectively. The proband's father and mother were heterozygous for 2952delT and for 5493insG, respectively. Both mutations would result in the synthesis of truncated proteins lacking complete light chain or its C-terminal part. In the patient's plasma, no factor V light chain was detected by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. The N-terminal portion of factor V containing the heavy chain, and the connecting B domain was severely reduced but detectable (1.7%). A small amount of truncated factor V-specific protein with a molecular weight ratio of 236 kd could be immunoprecipitated from the plasma and detected by Western blotting. This protein, factor V Debrecen, corresponds to the translated product of exon 16 mutant allele.

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