Hímvesszore húzott fémgyuru súlyos következményei

Translated title of the contribution: Serious consequences of a metallic ring on the penis

Kelemen Zsolt, Nyirády Péter, Németh Zsolt, Joós Lajos, Keszthelyi Attila, Bánfi Gergely, Barabás József

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Consequences of bronze ring pulled to the base of the penis is presented. Circulation disorder and necrosis developed, than inflammation appeared and the patient became septic subsequently. After cutting metal ring by a dental equipment, good blood supply was detected both in the central arteries by colour Doppler-ultrasound examination. No immediate amputation was performed in uncertain depth. In the contrary, our aim was to secure maximal organ tissue preservation. Using systematic and local conservative treatment wet gangrene could be transformed to dry. By excising necrotic tissue, significant part of cavernosa! bodies could be preserved. Necrosis of corpus spongiosum moved proximal direction, so the missing part of the urethra was replaced by released scrotal flap. By more steps of surgical reconstruction an acceptable result for the patient could be achieved.

Translated title of the contributionSerious consequences of a metallic ring on the penis
Original languageHungarian
Pages (from-to)229-233
Number of pages5
JournalMagyar Urologia
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 2005

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    Zsolt, K., Péter, N., Zsolt, N., Lajos, J., Attila, K., Gergely, B., & József, B. (2005). Hímvesszore húzott fémgyuru súlyos következményei. Magyar Urologia, 17(4), 229-233.