Separation of a chloroform-acetone-toluene mixture by pressure-swing batch distillation in different column configurations

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In this paper, a new, triple-column configuration application is introduced to separate ternary mixtures by pressure-swing batch distillation. This study investigates the separation of a chloroform-acetone-toluene ternary mixture in different column configurations (a combination of the batch stripper and the double-column batch rectifier, the double-column batch rectifier, and the triple-column configuration) by a feasibility study and by rigorous simulation and compares these processes at two different charge compositions by its overall specific energy consumption. The influences of the most important operational parameters are studied for all processes, and the performances of the column configurations are compared. On the basis of the results, we state that the triple-column configuration is more efficient than the other column configurations investigated.

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JournalIndustrial and Engineering Chemistry Research
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Publication statusPublished - Jul 6 2011


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