Selective sorption of phenol and related compounds from aqueous solutions onto graphitized carbon black. Adsorption and flow microcalorimetric studies

Zoltán Király, Imre Dékány, Erwin Klumpp, Hans Lewandowski, Hans D. Narres, Milan J. Schwuger

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The adsorption of phenol, cyclohexanol, and n-hexanol from their dilute binary aqueous solutions onto graphitized carbon black (gcb) was investigated at 308.15 K. The adsorption excess isotherms were determined by flow frontal analysis solid/liquid (S/L) chromatography and also by the classical immersion method. The enthalpies of displacement of water by the C6-ols were measured by flow sorption microcalorimetry. A general thermodynamic treatment was developed for the adsorption at the S/L interface from dilute solutions, with further specifications to make the proposed equations operational for the analysis of experimental data. A combination of thermal data with adsorption data gave access to the monomolecular adsorption capacities and the molar surface areas of the C6-ols adsorbed on gcb. The adsorption becomes polymolecular as the consolute phase boundary is approached. The net enthalpies of adsorption, in both monomolecular and multilayer regimes, were determined by subtracting a bulk correction term, related to the heats of solution at infinite dilution, from the total enthalpies of displacement.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)423-430
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 24 1996


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