Selection of U and M genome-specific wheat SSR markers using wheat-Aegilops biuncialis and wheat-Ae. geniculata addition lines

Annamária Schneider, István Molnár, Márta Molnár-Láng

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We selected wheat SSR markers specific to the U and M genomes of Aegilops species. A total of 108 wheat SSR markers were successfully tested on Ae. biuncialis (2n = 4x = 28, UbUbMbMb), on five wheat-Ae. biuncialis addition lines (2Mb, 3Mb, 7Mb, 3Ub and 5Ub) and on a wheat-Ae. geniculata (1Ug, 2Ug, 3Ug, 4Ug, 5Ug, 7Ug, 1Mg, 2Mg, 4Mg, 5Mg, 6Mg and 7Mg) addition series. Among the markers, 86 (79.6%) were amplified in the Ae. biuncialis genome. Compared with wheat, polymorphic bands of various lengths were detected on Ae. biuncialis for 35 (32.4%) of the wheat microsatellite markers. Three of these (8.6%) exhibited specific PCR products on wheat-Ae. biuncialis or wheat-Ae. geniculata addition lines. The primers GWM44 and GDM61 gave specific PCR products on the 2Mb and 3Mb wheat-Ae. biuncialis addition lines, but not on the 2Mg addition line of Ae. geniculata. A specific band was observed on the 7Ug wheat-Ae. geniculata addition line using the BARC184 primer. These three markers specific to the U and M genomes are helpful for the identification of 2Mb, 3Mb and 7Ug chromosome introgressions into wheat.

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Publication statusPublished - May 6 2010



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  • Polymorphism

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