Selection footprints in barley breeding lines detected by combining genotyping-by-sequencing with reference genome information

Ernesto Igartua, Elsayed Mansour, Carlos P. Cantalapiedra, Bruno Contreras-Moreira, M. Pilar Gracia, Prudencio Fuster, Juan Escribano, José Luis Molina-Cano, Marian Moralejo, Francisco J. Ciudad, William T.B. Thomas, Ildikó Karsai, Ana M. Casas

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This study is a retrospective analysis of an elite cross from the Spanish National Barley Breeding Program. This was the most successful cross produced in the breeding program in the past 20 years. The progeny from this cross has been investigated at two points in the program, before and after selection, through the analysis of allelic frequencies at a number of genetic loci with molecular markers. Shifts in allelic frequencies after selection allowed the identification of genomic regions with selection footprints likely due to the breeding process. The cross was replicated in three different years, and therefore, the three progenies represent different selection histories but, in all cases, were preferentially selected compared to the lines from other crosses used in the program. The progenies were sampled at two generations, before conscious selection (F2) and after six generations of selection (F8). The F2 plants were genotyped with microsatellites, whereas 31 F8 lines were surveyed for SNP and presence/absence variation polymorphisms using a genotyping-by-sequencing system (DArTseq). The DArTseq markers were aligned to the barley physical map, and, after curation, over 3,000 were still available for the analysis. Overall, 15 genomic regions in the F8 lines had allele frequencies beyond chosen thresholds, indicating selection, eight toward parent Orria and seven toward Plaisant. These selection footprints partially validated QTLs detected through classical linkage mapping in a RIL population of the same cross. These validated selection footprints convey useful information for barley breeding, either through marker-assisted selection or through genomic selection.

Original languageEnglish
JournalMolecular Breeding
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2015



  • Barley
  • Breeding
  • Genotyping-by-sequencing
  • Selection footprint

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Igartua, E., Mansour, E., Cantalapiedra, C. P., Contreras-Moreira, B., Gracia, M. P., Fuster, P., Escribano, J., Molina-Cano, J. L., Moralejo, M., Ciudad, F. J., Thomas, W. T. B., Karsai, I., & Casas, A. M. (2015). Selection footprints in barley breeding lines detected by combining genotyping-by-sequencing with reference genome information. Molecular Breeding, 35(1).