A rizikófaktorok célértékei, kezelési kudarcok

Translated title of the contribution: Risk factor goals and therapeutic failures

András Káli, András Jánosi

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Risk factors' reduction decreases the number of vascular events. The therapy is successful, when target values of risk factors became realised. Aims: 3 modifiable risk factors - hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, hypertension - were checked in 350 high risk patients, comparing the target and the realised values of risk faktors. Methods: 1. Medical history of risk factors' therapy. 2. serum lipids and fasting blood glucose parameters. 3. Physical and ultrasound examinations for cerebro-, cardio- and peripheral vascular diseases, measurement of abdominal circumference and blood pressure. 4. Risk stratification. 5. Statistical analysis. Results: 1. Mean LDL-cholesterol was 3 ± 0.94 and 3.3 ± 0.87 in the group of patients with and without therapy, respectively (p < 0.01). Number of not treated patients is high (47.3%). 2. There were significantly (p = 0.053) more treated patients above blood sugar goals (6,7 mmol/1), than in the group of untreated patients. Mean fasting blood glucose were 8.11 ± 3,036 and 7.25 ± 1.925 mmol/l in treated and not treated group of patients, respectively (p = NS). 3. There were significantly (p < 0.00001) more hypertensive patients above therapeutic goal in the treated and less in the untreated group of patients. Mean tension (153,4 ± 22.42 and 139.7 ± 20.76) was significantly (p < 0,001) higher in the treated, and lower in the untreated group of patients. 4. Number of risk factors are more in high risk patients. Only 5.2% of patients became free of risk factors by recent clinical practice and in 72.3% remained 2 or 3 factors. Conclusions: Most part of patients do not reach the therapeutic goals, and there are many persons without any therapy for hyperlipidaemia. To cure and to treat are different.

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JournalOrvosi hetilap
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 15 2006


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