Right prefrontal activation produced by arterial baroreceptor stimulation: A PET study

Júlia Weisz, Miklós Emri, János Fent, Zsolt Lengyel, Teréz Márián, Géza Horváth, Péter Bogner, Lajos Trón, György Ádám

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This study was performed to test the hypothesis of greater right hemispheric involvement in the processing of baroreceptor stimuli. Carotid sinus baroreceptors were stimulated by rhythmically decreasing air pressure in a neck chamber, and under control conditions the thorax was stimulated in a similar manner. Changes in regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) were measured by PET. Baroreceptor stimulation resulted in rCBF increase in the right anterior-inferior prefrontal cortex (Brodmann areas (BA) 10/44/47) and bilaterally in BA 6/8. We conclude that in at least some stages of baroreceptor information processing the right hemisphere plays a greater role than the left hemisphere.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3233-3238
Number of pages6
Issue number15
Publication statusPublished - Oct 29 2001



  • Baroreceptor
  • Frontal cortex
  • Hemispheric asymmetry
  • Positron emission tomography (PET)
  • Visceroception

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