Review of cryptosporidium and giardia in the eastern part of Europe, 2016

J. Plutzer, Brian Lassen, Pikka Jokelainen, Olgica Djurković-Djaković, István Kucsera, Elisabeth Dorbek-Kolin, Barbara Šoba, T. Sréter, Kálmán Imre, Jasmin Omeragić, Aleksandra Nikolić, Branko Bobić, Tatjana Živičnjak, Snježana Lučinger, Lorena Lazarić Stefanović, Jasmina Kučinar, Jacek Sroka, Gunita Deksne, Dace Keidāne, Martin KváčZuzana Hůzová, Panagiotis Karanis

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Introduction: This paper reviews the current knowledge and understanding of Cryptosporidium spp. an d Giardia spp. in humans, animals and the environment in 10 countries in the eastern part of Europe: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia. Methods: Published scientific papers and conference proceedings from the international and local literature, official national health service reports, national databases and doctoral theses in local languages were reviewed to provide an extensive overview on the epidemiology, diagnostics and research on these pathogens, as well as analyse knowledge gaps and areas for further research. Results: Cryptosporidium spp. and Giardia spp. were found to be common in eastern Europe, but the results from different countries are difficult to compare because of variations in reporting practices and detection methodologies used. Conclusion: Upgrading and making the diagnosis/detection procedures more uniform is recommended throughout the region. Public health authorities should actively work towards increasing reporting and standardising reporting practices as these prerequisites for the reported data to be valid and therefore necessary for appropriate control plans.

Original languageEnglish
Article number16-00825
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Jan 25 2018


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Plutzer, J., Lassen, B., Jokelainen, P., Djurković-Djaković, O., Kucsera, I., Dorbek-Kolin, E., Šoba, B., Sréter, T., Imre, K., Omeragić, J., Nikolić, A., Bobić, B., Živičnjak, T., Lučinger, S., Stefanović, L. L., Kučinar, J., Sroka, J., Deksne, G., Keidāne, D., ... Karanis, P. (2018). Review of cryptosporidium and giardia in the eastern part of Europe, 2016. Eurosurveillance, 23(4), [16-00825].