Reflex seizure triggering: Learning about seizure producing systems

A. Szűcs, Beáta Rosdy, A. Kelemen, András Horváth, P. Halász

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Aim: We aim to study the mechanism of reflex seizure triggering in close link with the system-epilepsy concept. Method: We use data and theories presented in the literature and scrutinize a few illustrative cases. Conclusions: The prerequisite of seizure triggering is an epilepsy-prone brain network. When it is activated, it may produce seizures manifesting the function(s) of the same system. Beyond classical reflex seizures triggered by sensory-motor stimuli, we extend the reflex-epilepsy concept to seizures induced by the normal activation of epilepsy-prone systems e.g. praxis-induced seizures and those of sleep/wake system epilepsies elicited by falling asleep (absences) or arousals from NREM sleep (seizures of genetic frontal lobe epilepsy). We suggest that normal functioning of epilepsy-prone systems may trigger seizures in epilepsies in general.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - Jul 1 2019



  • Reflex epilepsy
  • Reflex seizure
  • Sleep related epilepsy
  • System epilepsy

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