Recidiváló pancreatitis juvenilis dermatomyositisben.

Translated title of the contribution: Recurrent juvenile pancreatitis in dermatomyositis

P. Petrou, Z. Balogh, B. Rosdy, B. Gömör

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The authors present the case history of an 11-year-old girl who suffered from the rarely occurring grave juvenile dermatomyositis associated with recurring pancreatitis. Factors which may cause pancreatitis: juvenile dermatomyositis as underlying disease, steroid-, cytostatic- and thiazide diuretic treatment are analysed.

Original languageHungarian
Pages (from-to)1937-1939
Number of pages3
JournalOrvosi hetilap
Issue number36
Publication statusPublished - Sep 3 1989


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Petrou, P., Balogh, Z., Rosdy, B., & Gömör, B. (1989). Recidiváló pancreatitis juvenilis dermatomyositisben. Orvosi hetilap, 130(36), 1937-1939.