Recommended Nuclear Data for the Production of Selected Therapeutic Radionuclides

J. W. Engle, A. V. Ignatyuk, R. Capote, B. V. Carlson, A. Hermanne, M. A. Kellett, T. Kibédi, G. Kim, F. G. Kondev, M. Hussain, O. Lebeda, A. Luca, Y. Nagai, H. Naik, A. L. Nichols, F. M. Nortier, S. V. Suryanarayana, S. Takács, F. Tárkányi, M. Verpelli

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Increasing interest in the treatment of human disease by means of targeted radionuclide-based therapies requires an accurate understanding of achievable yields and quantification of realisable degrees of purity. Important studies within a more extensive Coordinated Research Project of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA CRP) have included in-depth assessments and evaluations of all available measured cross-section data for ten nuclear reactions leading to the formation of 131Cs, 131Ba, 225Ac, 225Ra, 227Th, 227Ac, 230U and 230Pa for various on-going and proposed therapeutic applications in nuclear medicine. Equivalent studies were also undertaken of possible reactions to produce the 178W/low-spin 178 mTa generator system that has been clinically applied in diagnosis by means of SPECT - these particular cross-section studies and recommendations are included in this paper for completeness. All available measured data have been critically reviewed and assessed to produce statistically consistent datasets. Selected datasets have been fitted by a least-squares method with Padé approximations of variable order to evaluate the production cross sections and corresponding uncertainties. New measurements have been made in some instances, and reported data have been adjusted to accommodate new nuclear decay or monitor reaction data which altered the original reported quantities adversely. Insufficient measured data are available in many cases to permit a reliable evaluation of cross sections, and these instances are discussed. Recommended therapeutic radionuclide production reaction data and their uncertainties are available on the Web page of the IAEA Nuclear Data Section at and also at the IAEA medical portal

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)56-74
Number of pages19
JournalNuclear Data Sheets
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2019


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Engle, J. W., Ignatyuk, A. V., Capote, R., Carlson, B. V., Hermanne, A., Kellett, M. A., Kibédi, T., Kim, G., Kondev, F. G., Hussain, M., Lebeda, O., Luca, A., Nagai, Y., Naik, H., Nichols, A. L., Nortier, F. M., Suryanarayana, S. V., Takács, S., Tárkányi, F., & Verpelli, M. (2019). Recommended Nuclear Data for the Production of Selected Therapeutic Radionuclides. Nuclear Data Sheets, 155, 56-74.