Translated title of the contribution: Quantitative researches on the supraoptical nucleus

L. Zaborszky, C. Leranth, M. Palkovits

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Quantitative light and electron microscopic studies were carried out in order to determine the quantitative structural relations of the supraoptic nucleus (NSO) of the rat. The number of NSO cell bodies on each side of the brain was found to be 11 000 on average. Four types of synapses - axo axonic, axo dendritic, axo somatic and axon spine - were observed in the nucleus. Diameters and percentual occurrence of the different bouton types calculated for the living state was also determined. The total number of synaptic boutons was 5,19 millions (an average of 600 terminals per neuron). After the complete isolation of the NSO, two thirds of the axon terminals remained intact, therefore only one third of the terminals seem to be provided by the extrinsic afferents. Cross correlating the numerical data, received from the various major surgical interruptions or lesions, the authors concluded that 32.7% of the afferents originate from the brain stem, 21.0% from the medial basal hypothalamus, 13.5% from the amygdala, 13.5% from the septum, 8.5% from the hippocampus and 17.0% from the olfactory tubercle and rostral cortical regions.

Translated title of the contributionQuantitative researches on the supraoptical nucleus
Original languageGerman
Pages (from-to)I/-
JournalVerhandlungen der Anatomischen Gesellschaft
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 1976

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