Poliaminok mennyiségi vältozäsai a vernalizäciö alatt büzaban (Triticum aestivwn L.)

Translated title of the contribution: Quantitative changes in polyamines during vernalisation in wheat (Triticiim aestivtim L.)

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The aim of the work was to cany out a detailed examination of quantitative changes in polymines during vernalisation and to obtain information on the significance of the alternative metabolic pathway (via arginineagmatine-putrescine), which current knowledge indicates to function only in higher plants. It became clear from the experiments that the central compound of the alternative synthetic pathway, agmatine, was accumulated in winter wheat with various vernalisation requirements, especially during the last third of the vernalisation period. It was impossible to demonstrate the accumulation of agmatine in spring wheat cultivars. At the same time the quantity of putrescine changed in the same way in winter and spring wheat varieties. It was also observed that the quantity of spermidine gradually decreased parallel with the accumulation of agmatine. The accumulation of agmatine was confirmed by measuring the activity of arginine decarboxylase, the key enzyme of the alternative metabolic pathway. It is concluded that this alternative metabolic pathway is of no significance in spring wheat varieties where low temperature is not required for vernalisation.

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