Quantitative body fluid proteomics in medicine - A focus on minimal invasiveness

Éva Csosz, Gergo Kalló, Bernadett Márkus Jakob, Eszter Deák, Adrienne Csutak, J. Tőzsér

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Identification of new biomarkers specific for various pathological conditions is an important field in medical sciences. Body fluids have emerging potential in biomarker studies especially those which are continuously available and can be collected by non-invasive means. Changes in the protein composition of body fluids such as tears, saliva, sweat, etc. may provide information on both local and systemic conditions of medical relevance. In this review, our aim is to discuss the quantitative proteomics techniques used in biomarker studies, and to present advances in quantitative body fluid proteomics of non-invasively collectable body fluids with relevance to biomarker identification. The advantages and limitations of the widely used quantitative proteomics techniques are also presented. Based on the reviewed literature, we suggest an ideal pipeline for body fluid analyses aiming at biomarkers discoveries: starting from identification of biomarker candidates by shotgun quantitative proteomics or protein arrays, through verification of potential biomarkers by targeted mass spectrometry, to the antibody-based validation of biomarkers. The importance of body fluids as a rich source of biomarkers is discussed. Significance: Quantitative proteomics is a challenging part of proteomics applications. The body fluids collected by non-invasive means have high relevance in medicine; they are good sources for biomarkers used in establishing the diagnosis, follow up of disease progression and predicting high risk groups. The review presents the most widely used quantitative proteomics techniques in body fluid analysis and lists the potential biomarkers identified in tears, saliva, sweat, nasal mucus and urine for local and systemic diseases.

Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Proteomics
Publication statusAccepted/In press - Mar 30 2016



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