Translated title of the contribution: Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Our Water Treasure.

Laszlo Somlyody, Bela Hock

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In this paper the water resources and water demands of Hungary are compared to each other in order to verify the role of water quality at present and in the future. According to the authors' conclusion demands of 2000 can be satisfied both quantitatively and qualitatively. Difficulties in the distribution of water may arise primarily in the water system of the Tisza river but only during droughts. Economic solution to this problem would require conceptual policy in regional water management which is seriously aggrevated by the downstream character of the country. Quality of our waters and the temporal changes are presented on the basis of observations of the past 10 years, on the basis of a series of investigations performed 30 years ago, and by a comparison of these results. The quality of waters has deteriorated due to: and increasing gap between the amount of untreated and treated waters, the efficiency of classical treatment processes in case of some special components, an increase of heavy metal pollution, chemicalization in agriculture, increase of the number of settlements supplied with tapwater but without canalization, and an increase of the number of animal husbandries.

Translated title of the contributionQuantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Our Water Treasure.
Original languageHungarian
Pages (from-to)148-166
Number of pages19
JournalVizugyi Kozlemenyek
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 1985

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