Eigenschaften kommerziell erwerblicher Silikagele in der schnellen Flüssigkeits-Chromatographie

Translated title of the contribution: Properties of commercially available silicas for HPLC

R. Ohmacht, I. Halász

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The particle sizes, specific surface areas, pore size distributions and pore volumes of 18 commercially available silicas, of both spherical and irregular geometry, have been measured, using various methods. The silicas were packed into columns whose packing densities and permeabilities were measured. The properties of all these silicas are rather similar. It has been shown that the ratio of the chromatographically determined particle size d and the particle size measured using a Coulter Counter dc is independent of the particle geometry (d≅1.35 dc). The particle size quoted by the manufactures dp lies between d and dc. The specific surface areas of the silicas are more alike if they are normalized with respect to the packed column volume which is the chromatographically important value, instead of with respect to the weight of silica. The mean pore diameters were about 90 Å, which is optimal for routine chromatography. The pore volumes were 38±6% of the column volume.

Translated title of the contributionProperties of commercially available silicas for HPLC
Original languageGerman
Pages (from-to)155-162
Number of pages8
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Mar 1 1981


  • Commercial silicas (5-10 μm)
  • Packing density
  • Pore volumina
  • Poro size distribution
  • Porosities
  • Sieve fraction

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