Production of bio gas oil containing diesel fuel with upgraded cold flow properties by co-processing

Csaba Tóth, Péter Baladincz, Jeno Hancsók

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The aim of our experimental work was to investigate the applicability of a catalyst bed compiled of various compositions of hydrogenation catalysts to produce bio-component containing diesel fuel by co-processing of gas oil with vegetable oil. We investigated the heterogeneous catalytic transformability of gas oil fractions with 0, 5, 15, 25 % sunflower oil content at 50-80 bar pressure, 300-380°C temperature (LHSV = 0.75-3.0 h-1 and H 2/HC ratio 600 Nm3/m3) on catalyst systems containing only the main catalyst and the three catalyst layers as well. In case of both catalytic systems and under the favourable operational conditions (360 - 380 °C, P = 80 bar, LHSV = 0.75-1.0 h-1, H2/HC=600 Nm3/m3) the main properties of the high-yield products made from maximum 0-15 % vegetable oil containing feedstocks satisfy the requirements of standard EN 590:2009+A1:2010. The amount of vegetable oil higher than 15 % reduced the desulphurisation efficiency. By using the catalyst bed prepared of the three catalysts products with CFPP value reduced by 3-4 °C could be produced as in case of using only the main catalyst.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)613-618
Number of pages6
JournalChemical Engineering Transactions
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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