Az antiepileptikumok prokonvulzív hatásai

Translated title of the contribution: Proconvulsive effect of antiepileptic drugs

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Antiepileptic drugs can provoke and worsen seizures, what is called paradoxicai effect. Paradoxicai seizure worsening can occur as a nonspecific manifestation of drug intoxication in number of antiepileptic drugs. The other type is a specific type, when antiepileptic drugs with pure GABAergic and sodium channel blocker mechanism of action provoke myoclonic, absence and atonic seizures in specific epilepsy syndromes, mainly in idiopathic generalized epilepsies. Antiepileptic drug-induced exacerbation of seizures is a common, offen unrecognized clinical problem, which can be avoided by a careful syndromic diagnosis and by using broad spectrum antiepileptic drugs.

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JournalIdeggyogyaszati szemle
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Publication statusPublished - Mar 30 2015


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