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Periodontium comprises the following tissues: gingiva, periodontal ligament, root cementum and the alveolar bone proper. Periodontal disease is the common diagnosis of all plaque related diseases of periodontium. Theoretically some 80% of all periodontitis cases could be prevented and just the remaining 10 to 20% would require professional treatment. For the cause of gingivitis and periodontitis is the dental plaque our preventive and curative philosophy should be based on sound anti-plaque strategies. There are many other secondary causative factors (i.e. immunodeficiency, local plaque retentive factors). Nevertheless these factors cannot initiate inflammation without the dental plaque. Periodontal disease perse is also a leading risk factor in the etiology of many diseases (cardiovascular diseases). Periodontal disease is partly a behavioral disease as the way of life, diet and personal hygiene play decisive role in its etiology. Consequently preventive measures, proper behavioral habits should be introduced in the early childhood. In adults with their adapted bad habits it is much more difficult to prevent the occurrence of the irreversible attachment loss. Patients are able to control plaque accumulation only after proper professional cleaning carried out by a dental hygienist or a dentist. The most relevant tools of-individual oral hygiene are tooth brushes and dental flosses. There are many chemicals (mouthrinses, dentifrices) helping to maintain the microbial balance in the oral cavity. Beside toothbrushing regular professional mechanical debridement (scaling root plaing) is the most decisive factor in the promotion and maintenance of oral health. The most important duty of a periodontist is to perform these professional mechanical cleaning and plaque control procedures.

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