Presence of benzodiazepine binding sites (receptors) and amplification thereof by imprinting in Tetrahymena

G. Csaba, A. K. Fülöp, A. Inczefi-Gonda

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Live Tetrahymena cells bound3H-diazepam specifically, as demonstrated by autoradiographic evidence of displacement of about 25% of labeled diazepam in the presence of a 1000-fold amount of cold diazepam. The3H-diazepam bound to membrane preparations isolated from untreated (control) cells was not displaced by cold diazepam, whereas cells involved in primary interaction (imprinting) with diazepam showed amplification and specificity of diazepam binding in both in vivo (cell suspension) and in vitro (pellicle) systems, as well as displacement of bound label in the presence of 1000-fold cold diazepam. It appears that diazepam induced imprinting and, consequently, also the formation of specific receptors in Tetrahymena.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1989



  • Hormonal imprinting
  • Tetrahymena
  • benzodiazepine
  • receptors

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