Preparation and characterization of chitosan-based nanoparticles

Magdolna Bodnar, John F. Hartmann, Janos Borbely

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The present investigation describes the synthesis and characterization of novel biodegradable nanoparticles based on chitosan for biomedical applications. Natural di- and tricarboxylic acids were used for intramolecular cross-linking of the chitosan linear chains. The condensation reaction of carboxylic groups and pendant amino groups of chitosan was performed by using water-soluble carbodiimide. This method allows the formation of polycations, polyanions, and polyampholyte nanoparticles. The prepared nanosystems were stable in aqueous media at low pH, neutral, and mild alkaline conditions. The structure of products was determined by NMR spectroscopy, and the particle size was identified by laser light scattering (DLS) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) measurements. It was found that particle size depends on the pH, but at a given pH, it was independent of the ratio of cross-linking and the cross-linking agent. Particle size measured by TEM varied in the range 60-280 nm. In the swollen state, the average size of the particles measured by DLS was in the range 270-370 nm depending on the pH. The biodegradable cross-linked chitosan nanoparticles, as solutions or dispersions in aqueous media, might be useful for various biomedical applications.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - Sep 1 2005

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