Population biology of Cobitis elongatoides in a lowland stream of the Middle Danube (Hungary)

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As part of a preliminary study in 1998, 265 spined loach (Cobitis elongatoides) were collected in a lowland stream to assess their growth, gonad maturation and fecundity. Growth rate was close to that of other spined loach populations, with significant differences between sexes. Standard indices used for the description of gonad maturation and reproduction indicated protracted, asynchronous spawning in the investigated population. However, protracted spawning cycle could not be traced in the length frequency distribution of YOY fish. The use of absolute or actual fecundity for the assessment of the actual amount of progeny is doubtful.

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JournalFolia Zoologica
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Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 2000



  • Cobitidae
  • Growth
  • Life history
  • Reproduction
  • Spined loach

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