Physiology in the oeuvre of a prominent Hungarian medical scientist--Endre H"ogyes.

E. Monos, M. Faragó

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Endre Hógyes, one of the most prominent and internationally-renown leaders in the field of medical research, especially the treatment of rabies, was born one hundred and fifty years ago in Hungary. E. Hógyes had started his medical and research carrier in 1870. In 1889 he had become vice-president of the Royal Hungarian Society of Natural Sciences and was elected as a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) and that member of the National Council of Public Health. Scientific carrier of E. Hógyes has always been closely linked to physiological sciences. E Hógyes made a significant contribution to different areas of physiological sciences; his most important scientific publications in this field deal with renal physiology, respitary mechanics, cerebellar function, and associated eye movement. Endre Hógyes was the first to organize Hungarian physiologists into a community. The "Special Physiological Conferences" were initiated within the Hungarian Royal Society of Natural Sciences in 1891. As a token of appretiation, Hungarian physiologists and other medical professionals have announced the year of 1997 as a memorial year of Dr. Endre Hógyes.

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JournalActa physiologica Hungarica
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