Physical properties of pellets manufactured in the high shear mixer after optimizing the process parameters

R. Fekete, S. Marton, E. Farkas, István Rácz

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The high shear mixer was used for the production of pellets. The steps of mixing, wetting, aggregation and spheronization could be carded out in one apparatus simplifying the steps of the technological process and reducing time compared to other methods (extrusion and spheronization). In the present study the authors examined the effect of the production parameters - rotating number, feeding rate - on the physical and mechanical properties of the produced pellets in the case of different compositions, which can be of decisive impact on the further technological steps. In order to evaluate the pellets, crushing strength, real density, deformity factor, particle size distribution and friability of the particles were determined. It could be concluded that the feeding rate is connected with particle size distribution of the pellets. The Avicel content of the particles seems to affect their crushing strength.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1999


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