Petrophysical and sedimentological analyses of Siklos ornamental limestones, S-Hungary

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The two studied ornamental stones, 'Siklos-green' and 'Siklos-rose' are quarried in the Villany Mountains in South Hungary. The former one belongs to the Middle Triassic Zuhanya Limestone Formation while the latter one is a part of the Upper Jurassic Szarsomlyo Limestone Formation. Besides pinkish, yellow and white varieties of 'Siklos-rose' also exist. Zuhanya Limestone was formed in an outer ramp setting representing the deepest facies. Szarsomlyo Limestone contains pelagic fauna, microoncoids and peloids. The microoncoids were accumulated in a relatively shallow part of a drowned platform and were redeposited. The petrophysical tests showed that uniaxial compressive strength of both limestones was in the order of 80 MPa. It is easy to polish them and their polished surfaces are decorative. Both stones are used as inner wall or floor cover but due to its frost resistance 'Siklos-rose' is also applicable for outer surfaces. The byproduct of ornamental stone quarries are appropriate for aggregates. Better petrophysical properties of 'Siklos-rose' are attributed to the more homogeneous texture of the Jurassic limestone.

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