Translated title of the contribution: Periodontal diseases in diabetic patients

M. Albrecht, G. Tamas, E. Dinya

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Introduction - The aim of this study was to establish the risk factors of severe periodontitis in diabetic patients with clinical epidemiological methods. Patients and methods - 2200 diabetic patients (1050 with type 1 and 1150 with type 2 diabetes), controlled at the Diabetes Clinic of 1st Department of Internal Medicine, Semmelweis Medical University, underwent a dental clinical examination between 1976-1996. The results were compared to the data of 625 textile workers. Diabetic patients were classified using the categories recommended by the WHO (1980). The clinical epidemiological examination was carried out according to the WHO criteria (1978). Periodontal changes were assessed by the Russell's periodontal index (PI), and Creene-Vermillion's OHI-S index to define the oral hygiene conditions. Diabetes mellitus was characterised by the following criteria: postprandial blood glucose level, urinary glucose extraction, the age of patient at the manifestation of the diabetes, type of diabetes and degree of the metabolic control. Computer analysis was performed using the BMDP program package (1983). Results - No correlation was found between the severity of the periodontal disease and the type of diabetes, oral hygiene and the duration of diabetes. Patients with diabetes may be at increased risk for periodontal disease with calculus (p<0.001) and poor glycemic control (p<0.001). The changes of the PI mean values are mostly expressed in the first year of the disease, and the damage of the periodontium developing at this time is not notably influenced in the further course of the disease. There is increased risk of severe periodontitis in patients with type 2 diabetes for the possibility of late diagnosis. Conclusions - Poor metabolic control, calculus, early manifestation, type 2. diabetes may increase the risk of periodontitis. Conversely, diabetics who control both their diabetes and oral health through self-care and regular professional care are at much lower risk for periodontitis.

Translated title of the contributionPeriodontal diseases in diabetic patients
Original languageHungarian
Pages (from-to)618-624
Number of pages7
JournalLege Artis Medicinae
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - Oct 3 1998

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