Pain killing with calcitonin nasal spray in patients with malignant tumors

J. Szanto, N. Ady, S. Jozsef

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The physiological role of calcitonin is the preservation of osseal integrity by reducing the osteoclast activity. On the other hand, this 32 amino acid peptide acts as an analgetic drug in cancer caused by osteolytic metastases. In previous studies using injection form the pain killing activity was observed in 65% of the patients. As medical assistance is required for this treatment form, it was decided to compare the pain reducing activity of nasal spray with the ampule form. It was found that 300 MRC units of nasal spray equalled 100 MRC units injection. The pain killing activity was observed in 53.8% of the patients. The reduction in quantity of other analgetics used daily was 48.5%. The average decrease of the pain duration (in h) was 42.5%. The pain intensity measured by visual analogue scale dropped to 2.13 from 3.00. The results are similar to the analgetic effect observed in the injection form. Taking this into consideration, calcitonin nasal spray is highly recommended instead of ampules.

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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1992



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