Fájdalom és diszkomfort az ortodonciai kezelés során. Irodalmi összefoglalás.

Translated title of the contribution: [Pain and discomfort in orthodontic treatments. Literature review].

Nelli Koritsánszky, Melinda Madléna

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The experience of pain and discomfort during orthodontic treatment is common. Pain is a subjective response to noxious stimuli, but it is also influenced by age, gender, previous pain experience, emotional factors and stress. The ortodontic treatments such as separation, placement of the arch wire, activation of the fix or removable appliances and debonding cause some degree of pain for the patient. In a prospective study 95% of the patients reported pain experience during orthodontic treatment. The periodontal pain caused by the combination of pressure, ischemia, inflammation and oedema. The pain starts within 4 hours, increases over the next 24 hours, and decrease within 7 days, so it may not be identified by the orthodontist at recall visit. The most common method to measure the intensity of the pain is the NRS (numerical rating scale), where patients can rate their pain intensity from 1 to 10 or 1 to 100. There are many modalities to control orthodontic pain, we can use different analgesic agents, solf-laser irradiation, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and hypnotherapy. The aim of this review to provide an overview on discomfort and pain reaction during orthodontic treatments and discussion of the possible measurement and alleviation of pain.

Translated title of the contribution[Pain and discomfort in orthodontic treatments. Literature review].
Original languageHungarian
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Number of pages5
JournalFogorvosi szemle
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 2011

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