Organic derivatives of tin (II/IV): Investigation of their structure

L. Szirtes, J. Megyeri, E. Kuzmann, A. Beck

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The structures of tin(II)-oxalate, tin(IV)Na-EDTA and tin(IV)Na8-inositol hexaphosphate were investigated using XRD analysis. Samples were identified using the Mössbauer study, thermal analysis and FTIR spectrometry. The Mössbauer study determined two different oxidation states of tin atoms, and consequently two different tin surroundings in the end products. The tin oxalate was found to be orthorhombic with space group Pnma, a=9.2066(3)Å, b=9.7590(1)Å, c=13.1848(5)Å, V=1184.62Å3 and Z=8. SnNa-EDTA was found to be monoclinic with space group P21/c1, a=10.7544(3)Å, b=10.1455(3)Å, c=16.5130(6)Å, Β=98.59(2)°, V=1781.50(4)Å3 and Z=4. Sn(C6H6Na8O24P6) was found to be amorphous.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)786-791
Number of pages6
JournalRadiation Physics and Chemistry
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - Jul 1 2011


  • FTIR spectrometry
  • Mössbauer analysis
  • Thermal treatment
  • Tin
  • X-ray diffraction

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