Optimal grids for generalized finite basis and discrete variable representations: Definition and method of calculation

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The method of optimal generalized finite basis and discrete variable representations (FBR and DVR) generalizes the standard, Gaussian quadrature grid-classical orthonormal polynomial basis-based FBR/DVR method to general sets of grid points and to general, nondirect product, and/or nonpolynomial bases. Here, it is shown how an optimal set of grid points can be obtained for an optimal generalized FBR/DVR calculation with a given truncated basis. Basis set optimized and potential optimized grids are defined. The optimized grids are shown to minimize a function of grid points derived by relating the optimal generalized FBR of a Hamiltonian operator to a non-Hermitian effective Hamiltonian matrix. Locating the global minimum of this function can be reduced to finding the zeros of a function in the case of one dimensional problems and to solving a system of D nonlinear equations repeatedly in the case of D>1 dimensional problems when there is an equal number of grid points and basis functions. Gaussian quadrature grids are shown to be basis optimized grids. It is demonstrated by a numerical example that an optimal generalized FBR/DVR calculation of the eigenvalues of a Hamiltonian operator with potential optimized grids can have orders of magnitude higher accuracy than a variational calculation employing the same truncated basis. Nevertheless, for numerical integration with the optimal generalized FBR quadrature rule basis optimized grids are the best among grids of the same number of points. The notions of Gaussian quadrature and Gaussian quadrature accuracy are extended to general, multivariable basis functions.

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JournalJournal of Chemical Physics
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2006

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